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How to fix divots, pitch marks and golf bunkers

At Llavaneras Golf Club, we do a constant job so that our course is always in the best possible playing conditions and that is why it is one of the best golf courses in Spain when it comes to conditions. But this is not only due to the work of our staff, but also yours by fixing divots, pitch marks, and bunkers.

In today’s blog we want to explain what is the best way to fix divots, pitch marks or bunkers. And we want to explain it so that our members and visitors can exercise one of the main rules or golf etiquette. Fixing the ground will improve the pace of game since the golf course conditions will be optimal. In addition, our members and visitors will have a better experience at the Llavaneras Golf Club, as the course will be in perfect condition.

Pitch marks

Pitch marks are the small holes or impacts that we find on the green and, occasionally, on the fairway. The way to fix it is very simple. We take a pitch-mark repair or a tee in the case of not having one. Then, we nailed the pitch mark repair around the hole and pushed the pitch mark repair inwards. We will make this movement throughout the circle of the impact so that the grass is gathered from all angles. By doing it this way, the hole will close up with the same grass. Afterwards, with a smooth surface, we will press the grass so that it is completely flat and the ball can slide on the green without impediments. As a consequence, the green will recover better from the multiple impacts it receives during a day of golf.


Divots are another problem that we can find on a golf course. A divot is a piece of grass that you might take when the club hits the ground on fairways, tees or rough. If a golf ball falls on a divot, it is a problem for the players because the ball needs to be played as it lies. Nobody wants a golf lie like that! So, it’s everyone’s job to fix divots. Thus, we will collect the piece of grass (normally, it can fly a few meters) and put it back on top of the hole produced by the lack of grass. If the divot has been shattered, we collect the different pieces and place them inside the print. Then, we step heavily on the divot to join the grass with the ground. Therefore, this grass will be able to join the root web and grow again.


Bunkers are already difficult, better not to complicate it anymore. And that happens especially when someone plays inside a bunker and does not fix the trail or the impact of the swing. If a player falls on the footprint or impact of a teammate’s swing, he must play with it as it is. That will delay the pace of game and, in addition, will annoy the player. But fixing it is very easy. When you have played your shot, take the rake near the bunkers and rake it. To do this, we must try to leave the surface as flat as possible, that is, without small undulations since it can cause a bad lie for the ball. These are etiquette rules that are easy to accomplish and thus leave the golf course in perfect conditions.

It is everyone’s responsibility to leave the golf course in the same conditions as we have found it. We want our members and visitors to enjoy our field, its facilities and, above all, to leave Llavaneras Golf Club happy.

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