Golf experiences in Barcelona golf destination

Do you want to have a different type of vacation? At Llavaneras Golf Club we want to offer you the best experience while playing golf at one of the best golf courses in Barcelona.

First, we want to tell you a little bit about some of our clients. What make us unique is the fact that we treat our client as our own Club member. We understand that visitors come to Llavaneras Golf Club to spend some quality time, to relax, and to have some fun. Therefore, we will plan everything you need in order to success in making your vacations unforgettable.

Our clients

Not long ago, some of our French Clients, Alda and Maurizio Romano, came to our area to play some golf and enjoy the surroundings. Their experience was based in 3 hotel nights at Hotel Atenea Port Mataró 4* with 2 days playing golf at Llavaneras Golf Club. We have a great variety of hotel options that can suite your needs. As you might know, our golf course has amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea, with narrow fairways and small greens. A golf course that can be played all year round because of the great weather conditions that help us maintain the course under perfect conditions.

Alda et Maurizio Romano

Golfy members playing at Llavaneras golf course

Moreover, after playing, they went to visit the wine vineyards at Alta Alella Mirgin, with 6 different wine taste activities. A great experience to learn a little bit more about our Spanish-Catalan culture. And, more importantly, to enjoy their time at Barcelona area while doing something different. But, truly, what make us really proud of our hard work are the nice comments that our clients say about us:


“Llavaneras Golf Club is surrounded by amazing vegetations and flora, facing the Mediterranean Sea. The golf course is fun and brings a lot of different shots into play. Due to its geographical locations, it allows us to both practice our favourite sport and to discover Barcelona city. But our favourite moment on the course is the departure of hole n.1 next to the sea, and also hole n.17 facing the sea. The Club house team is very helpful, efficient and caring. Being a Golfy member allowed us to discover this magical place and to be welcomed us as VIPs.”

Experience at Barcelona golf destination

But our area can offer much more. During the month of February until May, you can enjoy the best green peas of the world: Llavaneras green peas. They are famous because of their great sweetness that can only be found at Llavaneras ground, and also, the way they are cooked: with Spanish sausage. Indeed, it is known as the green pearl of the Barcelona coast.

Pèsol Garrofal

Best grean peas: pèsol garrofal

What is more, after playing you can enjoy a time at the beach; visit some of our vineyards or our modernist building along the beach; enjoy our Catalan cuisine or try our famous “Coca de Llavaneras”: a special cake with catalan cream that it can only be eaten at our town. The best one can be found at Pastisseria Sala, in the middle of the old town. And, of course, you can visit Barcelona and its million cultural options since we are located 35km away for the town centre.

Coca de Llavaneras, the best cake

Coca de Llavaneras

If you want to have a different, fun, golf vacation, we can organize your stay and make it unforgettable. You can contact our commercial department and start planning your stay. Come visit one of the best golf courses in Barcelona!

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