Ready golf

We are already in 2019 and the new rules of galf have become a reality. Today we are going to talk about the rule “ready golf” at the Llavaneras Golf Club.

This new rule goal is to make the game of golf more agile, fast and fun. You must not forget that your pace of play may affect other players in the golf course. Therefore, this new rule gives us several options to improve the pace of play.

First of all, this rule recommends all players in the flight to play fast throughout the course. Therefore, you must be ready when your turn arrives and think of the shot you want to play or the meters you have while others play. Also, between strokes you must keep a good rhythm as well as between holes. The time a player has in order to execute his stroke is no more than 40 seconds. Have you ever timed yourself? Try it to know what time you use to hit your shot.

This new rule also allows you to play out of turn if it is safe and responsible. For example, if someone has a difficult shot or has to make a drop and requires extra time, the player who is in a better position can play so time is not wasted. In stroke-play it is allowed to play out of turn, and what’s more, these new rules encourage you to do so whenever it is safe.

It is important to tell your partners that you want to play under “ready golf” so that the application of the rule is respectfull and it is done well. At Llavaneras Golf Club we encourage “ready golf” so our player enjoy their time at our golf course.

Then, you just need to come and enjoy one of the most beautiful golf course next to Barcelona.


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