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Playing golf is healthy

Different experts in the world of medicine recommend golf as a sport that improves health, not only physical, but also mental. And, from Llavaneras Golf Club, we cannot agree more and we encourage you to try it if you have not yet had the pleasure.

At our Club we are not medical experts to be able to talk about the multiple benefits of playing golf, but we have had the experience of enjoying our Club since 1945. Some of its benefits are related to cardiac and traumatology issues.


The main reason is the low physical requirement that is required, at the amateur level. The most advisable is to walk the field, but at advanced ages, you can use the buggies or motorcycles to play the 18 holes.


In addition, it also has a low rate of injuries unless sudden movements are made or due to lack of warm-up. Therefore, professionals emphasize the importance of warming up before playing and after training or playing. The warm-up is fundamental since, the golf swing, requires the vast majority of the muscles to be able to execute the movement properly. If you do not warm up properly, we can hurt ourselves. The same at the end, good stretching will make your recovery more favorable and avoid injuries.

Since it is an outdoor sport that requires coordination, but at the same time it is static and it can be practiced at all ages, many doctors recommend it. Above all, they recommend it for those patients with neurological, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Longer life

Other advantages are presented to us by the professor at the University of Edinburgh, Andrew Murray. According to Professor Murray’s study, golf can extend the life of a person up to 5 years. In addition, for each round of golf between 7 and 10 kilometers are walked, so the player will lose an average of 1200 calories. Of course, it will be for an average of 5 hours. During this time, due to the movement of the golf swing, you will strengthen your muscles, enjoy nature, and be able to socialize with your classmates.

Mental health

The other advantage of playing golf, and even more so if it is at the Llavaneras Golf Club, are the mental health benefits that players experience. Golf requires concentration and patience during the game. That strengthens the mind and helps those people with neurological diseases. Also, it is perfect to avoid thinking about your own problems, as you compete against yourself and need to be focused on one thing, hit the ball.

For all these reasons, there is no better sport to play for a lifetime than golf. And, moreover, before you start practicing, the better. Since it is a hard and long learning journey, the younger you start, the easier it becomes. Llavaneras Golf Club is a members club but it is open to visitors. On our website you will find all kinds of offers that adapt to all needs. We invite you to visit us, you will love it!

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