Llavaneras Golf Club & Business

Llavaneras Golf Club is not just a golf club, but also a business and company club. In our facilities you can enjoy a privileged environment designed for your business at only 30 km away from Barcelona.

We have a magnificent room overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from any angle. Fact that provokes feeling of well-being and calm while you are working. Thought for small groups in order to give conferences, have meeting, or make new alliances. Our club adapts to the needs of our clients so that they enjoy a pleasant experience.

Apart from the coffee breaks , you can enjoy an exquisite gastronomy in our salons or, a cocktail in the best terrace of the Maresme. If what your company needs is a place for networking or conferences of more than 20 people, Mondays are you day. You can rent the club to offer the best service to your employees or clients. By contacting us, we can help you design your idea so that employees and customers leave satisfied. Whatsmore, on Mondays you can enjoy all facilities exclusively.

Also, if you are interested, we will arrange  a good tour of our club and answer all your questions.

Without a doubt this is an experience worth living.


Contact: Gemma Fuster                                                   Veronika Schöbel

Communication Department                                          Commercial Department                     


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