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Fitness Golf Club- Barcelona

The Llavaneras Golf Club continues to improve and modernize its facilities to provide the best service to its players, and, above all, to the members.

We are very happy to present the new exclusive fitness room for our members. Now, getting fit will be easier than ever. In this room you can find everything you need to be in your best physical condition.

Fitness equipment Llavaneras Golf Club

In the fitness room-Club de Golf Llavaneras there are different equipment of great quality and functionality. Among them you have a treadmill, a bike, an elliptical and a rowing machine. These complete the cardio area, all, looking at spectacular views of the sea. In the functional area, you have a furniture with dumbbells from 2 kg to 15kg for free weight exercises. There is also a multifunctional machine with crossed pulleys where you can do all kinds of exercises, both sitting and standing, back, arms, legs, etc. Perfect for a reduced fitness room, as it gives you a variety of exercises. Finally, within the functional material, you can have ropes, elastic, trx, fitballs, bossus, mats, etc. to work on the floor or use the anchors and wall bars.

new fitness room at Llavaneras Golf Club

New fitness room at Llavaneras Golf Club

Fitness room with Sea views

Fitness room with sea views







Definetly, a complete fitness room to get fit. And, taking care of your body has many benefits. During the practice of golf you use an infinity of muscles that, if you do not do a preventive work, can lead to some discomfort or injury. For all these reasons, training periodically in our fitness room will lead to a tangible improvement in your physical condition and your game will benefit.

David Pérez’s advice

We speak with David Pérez, sports manager specialized in the fitness / wellness sector and consultant of the fitness room-Llavaneras Golf Club. “The technical gesture of the swing demands control, strength and speed in the rotation movement. You can work all these with the equipment and functional material arranged in the room. Thanks to lumbo-abdominal control exercises, increased strength in both upper and lower train and improved flexibility, the life of the golfer will be extended.

In golf it is very important to work bilateral decompensations, since the swing is always done from the same skillful side. Therefore, it is essential to work muscularly the opposite side of the swing avoiding future degenerative problems on the hip and back mostly. Golf players must focus primarily on the strength and flexibility of the quadriceps, buttocks, abdominal-lumbar girdle, upper back, shoulders, arms and wrists.

Then, performing this specific work you will notice an improvement in your endurance during the fround, the increase in shooting distance and consequently arriving cooler and more confident to the green. ”

If you are a member of the Llavaneras Golf Club, in addition to enjoying one of the best courses in the Maresme area, you can enjoy an impressive fitness room with direct views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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